First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Jon Rorie City Manager 803-432-2421 x1112
Caitlin Young Asst. City Manager 803-432-2421 x1154
Debra Courtney Director of Finance 803-432-2421 x1125
Shawn Putnam Director of Planning & Development 803-432-2421 x1108
Tom Couch Director of Public Utilities 803-432-2421-1144
Jack Rushing Police Chief 803-425-6025
Eddie Gardner Interim Fire Chief/Fire Marshal 803-425-6040
Brenda Davis City Clerk/Permit Tech 803-432-2421 x1165
Belinda Davis Clerk of Court 803-432-2421 x1120
Vanessa Dixon Human Resources 803-432-2421 x1151
Stephanie Bowers Business License Specialist 803-432-2421 x1121
Mary Cooper Billing Office Supervisor 803-432-2421 x1119
Katharine Spadacenta Main Street Manager/Zoning Assistant 803-432-2421 x1153