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The Council / Manager form of government for the City of Camden was adopted by ordinance dated August 2, 1948. Under this form of government, the City Council hires a manager who serves at the Council’s pleasure. The Mayor and Council set municipal policy and the City Manager implements the policy through administrative control of municipal departments, offices and agencies. The Mayor acts as another member of Council, but presides at all meetings of Council.


The duties of the City Manager as chief executive officer and head of the administrative branch and accountable to City Council for the proper administration of all the municipality’s affairs include:

  • Prepare and submit budget to Council
  • Prepare annual report on the finances and administrative activities
  • Advise Council of the financial condition and future needs of the municipality
  • Appoint, remove and set salaries of any appointive officer or employee of the City
  • Perform other duties prescribed by law or required by Council


Working with City Aministration, the Finance Department plans and directs the total financial operations and services of the City. This includes the formulation of broad financial polities and long term programs. Functions also include

  • Utility Billing and Collections
  • Budgetary Compliance
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Banking and Investments
  • Risk Management and Safety Programsn
  • Financial Reporting
  • Annual Assessments and Reporting by Independent Auditors 

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Financial Reports

The City of Camden’s financial reports are available in PDF format online. Browse recent copies of these reports here.

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Financial Reports

The City of Camden’s financial reports are available in PDF format online.

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