Power Restored to City of Camden Utility Customers

Power was restored to city electric substations shortly before 9 pm. City crews are currently responding to remaining customers that may still be without power. If you are still experiencing a power outage, please report it by calling 803-432-2421 or 803-432-0009. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Enforcement of Truck Route in Downtown Camden

The Camden Police Department has announced its increased focus on enforcing commercial truck route violations within the incorporated city limits of downtown Camden. Over the past 30 days, the department has stopped in excess of 200 trucks and issued warnings in an effort to curtail these violations. The bulk of these violations are occurring between Broad Street and York Street, as well as Broad Street and DeKalb.

According to Sergeant Carl Smith, who has been overseeing the traffic enforcement effort, “We take the safety of our community seriously, and that’s why we’re cracking down on commercial truck route violations. Our goal is to promote compliance with designated truck routes and traffic laws, to protect our city’s infrastructure and citizens.”

Additional signage and awareness efforts have also been put in place to prevent further violations. Effective Friday, May 19, 2023, officers will begin issuing citations for violations of § 71.16 TRUCK TRAFFIC. The ordinance outlines the routes designated for commercial trucks within downtown Camden, and the consequences for violating these routes. 

The Camden Police Department urges all commercial truck drivers to adhere to the designated routes, as well as all traffic laws and regulations. Violators can face citations and fines, and continued violations could result in more severe consequences.

“Here in Camden, we understand that the hardworking truck drivers provide goods and equipment that are vital to our communities. However, we also have to ensure the safety of our citizens and enforce the laws that are in place to protect our city’s infrastructure. Our efforts to enforce commercial truck route violations are not meant to be punitive, but rather to promote safety and ensure compliance with traffic laws and designated routes,” stated Interim Chief Darren Norris.